Tuesday, 20 July 2010


As I don't doubt you will notice within the first few moments of reading this post, I'm new to the blogging world. The fact of the matter is I decided a few days ago that the last few years of my life had not gone to plan, so I made a choice to turn it around. To become the person I want to be and know in my heart I am. Unfortuantly for those around me that person includes strong sarcastic tendancies, a highy addictive personality as well as crushes many of them can't relate to. But me being me I need an outlet, I figured the best way to express myself with the added bonus of possibly being heard by a few like-minded people was the wonder (and general pain in the ass) that is the internet. So here we are. I know you proberly didn't need to know all that but if I'm not going to say what on my mind there is really no point. As the weeks progress and my blog develops you no doubt gain an insight into me and my tendancies but for now I bid you farewell.