Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My Leading Lady

Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera

While I love all the characters in glee there's always that one person who catches my eye more than the rest, that of course is Santana. Even though she a bit if a bitch which goes with that cheerleader territory, she kind of breaks the mould by being in glee. She reminds me of that girl in high school, the one you want but know will never give you the time of day. However the added bonus with Santana is she like to feel up girls so that gives us all the spark of hope. I know it might be shallow but I mean just look at that body, how can anyone not just swoon a little bit and lets not forget that of course she can sing and dance, boy can she dance.

While my heart may belong to Santana there is one other women who deserves a mention for simply being who she is. There is of course only one Jane Lynch and I'm so thankful for my weekly fix of Sue Sylvester. Without her the show just wouldn't be same. We love you Jane.

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