Monday, 31 January 2011

My Weekly Addiction


This is one majorly overdue post. But better late than ever. This week I'm completely hooked on Glee. Being in the UK I have to suffer the fact that we're weeks behind our American friends. However to focus on the positive season two is in full swing and so far I'm certainly still a fan. I can always rely on it to make me smile. Once a week I set aside an hour of my day for the simple pleasure that is glee and I'm never disappointed. From the first moment that this group of quirky kids started to sing Don't stop Believin' I was in love. Its so great to see what a tight knit family they have become. At the core of the show is a group of outsiders who have finally found a place where they can be themselves, regardless of who that me be. What with all this, a great cast, fabulously cheesy soundtrack and of course Jane Lynch. What more could a person ask for.

I also think a special shout out should go to Chris Colfer for his Golden Globe acceptance speech. It firmly established what this show is really all about.

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