Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Leading Lady

Pam De Beaufort/Kristin Bauer

Now I know I said I was spoilt for choice when it came to ladies on True Blood but lets face it there is one ultimate vamp on the show and that is the one and only Pam De Beaufort. Everything about her is outstanding. From her hair and wardrobe to her attitude and taste in women. She vicious, lazy and selfish but she also fiercely loyal and despite her protests she does care. She's a bizzare creature who really is a devil in sheep's clothing. I mean lets face it she said it her self, even though she wears a lot of pink she can rip your throat out. Another appeal about Pam is she looks utterly fabulous in everything she wears, whether its the Gothic Fangtasia get-up, my personal favourite, or her preferred pastels she is drop, emphasis on the dead, gorgeous. I mean she even looked sensational mid-torture; then again that could be partially down to the semi-nakedness, she even kept up her razor sharp sarcasm, now that's my kinda girl. She can bite me anytime.

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