Monday, 3 January 2011

My Weekly Addiction

True Blood

I'm a sucker for a bit of fang. I just can't help it, as much as I hate to become a sheep, following the trends and latest fad. Vampires seem to be one of my weaknesses. Another of those weaknesses is hot women so having a show that combines the two is a dream come true. Even better I'm fairly the gay outweigh the straight. I definitely prefer the vamps to the human in this show but then its a well know fact that I like a little bad-ass behaviour from my ladies. What with Pam, Jessica and Queen Sophie-Anne to choose from I'm spoilt for choice, then again who said I have 2 choose. I started reading the books before I watched the show and I gotta say I love both as separate things. I'm not one to compare adaptations, that way I'm not disappointed. I think one of the things that I like about the show is that it is so trashy but in an utterly fabulous way. Its so bad its good. You get hooked on the story lines and the characters. Also I gotta admit I kind of admire the fact that there's a distinct lack of censorship, because sometimes "oh bother" just isn't quite sufficient. Sometimes a situation requires a good "fuck". In every meaning of the word.

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