Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ok, so here it is. I've been bad, I've neglected my blog and my fanfiction and generally all word related hobbies of mine. Its not because I don't enjoy them and it's not because they bore me it's simply because I have a tendency to become fickle in my free time and I get distracted by shiny things. Well not shiny things so much as dvds and books. But hey you get what I mean. So this is it, this is my apology. I'm going to try to be better and behave like a good little blogger. I've had the ideas so I'm even going to try and back date some of my posts. Since I'm not even sure if anyone will read this I'll leave it there and say once again, sorry.

Over and Out.

1 comment:

  1. Woah! Marlene!!
    Shiny things are so hard to escape lol
    And i have told you about those books haha ;)
    You know what i mean!!
    Blessed Be