Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Leading Lady

Abby Sciuto/Pauley Perrette

Now don't get me wrong I love Kate but there really is only one woman for me when it comes to NCIS and that has to be Abby. For the simple fact that she is who she is. She's so unique and complex and yet really simple at the same time. She seems to be permanently happy, although that could be down to the copious amount of caffeine she consumes. Who knows. Anyways she never tries to hide who she and why should she. Now not many people can pull off the whole goth look post-teen years but she does and she does it with a flair. I guess there something about the colour black and tattoos that has a certain pull over my attention. But what keeps her at the top of the pile is her brains, she's got the smarts, and she knows how to use them. I mean after watching what she can do with a computer I'd be quite happy do whatever she asked. She's got the ability to make me smile just by appearing on the screen.

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