Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My Leading Lady

Cate Hennessy/Katey Sagal

Ok so this is sort of a rare occasion: an actress has made her second Leading Lady feature. But really its not that surprising since the woman is Katey Sagal. In this show we get to see another side of the multitalented Katey. In 8 simple rules we get to once again see the loving mother aspect only with less guns. This time we watch a mothers development from a loving wife to a grieving widow and eventually to a woman in search of love. Her journey is vast considering the short life of the show. The character of Kate is almost complex in her simplicity. If that makes sense. What I mean is she is like so many women out there; she works, raises a family and just lives a normal life. But of course no two people are the same and you get to see her own unique way of dealing with the normal routine of life. An added bonus is we get to see Katey reflex her vocal muscles a couple of times, one episode even features one of Katey’s original songs. I want to reaffirm a simple truth: Katey Sagal rocks!

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