Monday, 14 March 2011


Okay so this week I've chosen to dedicate
my posts to Vampires. Now I know the
instant response may be Oh God not
another fang-banging, twilight groupie but
fear not I'm what I like to think I'm not a
fad fan but a true one. My first taste of the
fanged friends/foes came when a family
friends lent me the Buffy dvds. Lets just
say it was a downward spiral from there. I
must admit I did get caught up in the
Twilight Phenomena but as I said my love
for the fanged was around long before
Edward and Bella and I've found my tastes
tend to lean towards the more dark and
twisty antics of the True Blood vamps, trashy
they may be but damn they have one hell
of an appeal. Then again it fits right in with
my taste for tats and leather and all things
dark. Not that I'm morbid but each to their
own right. Whether they be on the big screen,
small screen or in the pages of a book I love
a good fang fix.

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