Thursday, 3 March 2011

Utterly fabulous.

That's what I would love my life to be. By that I don't mean all glamorous and flashy, I'm certainly not one of these people who craves stardom. I mean I want to enjoy a life filled with those moments that make you happy to be alive. The simple things that cause a smile to grace your lips. Whether that means riding a horse through an orchard with the sun shining down on you or sharing a tender kiss with the person you love. Of course I'm not going to deny that few of these moments may include pretty, shiny things but mainly they're more modest. While my life so far hasn't been exactly brimming with these special moments, I fully intend for them to feature prominently in my future. My plan, well its not really a plan so much as an intention. I want to focus on the positives, I refuse to allow the mundane aspects of life to stop me experiencing the desirable ones. You may be wondering what made me embark on this random soul searching speech, or you might not care in the slightest but I'll explain all the same. This week I told my boss and colleges I was leaving so that I could fulfil one of my long term dreams, visiting Canada. Although I utterly adore my job I came to realise that I can't let it hold me back. I'm embracing my destiny, so to speak, admittedly its one of my own creation but I think it still qualifies. I think you should all to do the same.

Go on I dare you.

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