Monday, 7 March 2011

My Weekly Addiction


Now I started watching Smallville a long time ago, somehow along the way my interest swayed and it dropped off my radar after the season 6 finale. Luckily for me I my friend happened to have the 3 latest seasons on dvd and she insisted I watch them of course I didn't really take much persuading. So far I'm only part way through season 8 but it didn't take long for me to remember what it was I loved about the show in the first place. I've always been a bit of a comic geek, in fact I still am so superman has of course always been an interest of mine, despite the whole man rescuing damsel in distress theme that seems to be a common occurrence. I already own Lois and Clark on dvd so I certainly reveled in the opportunity to see the prequel, so to speak. Lets face it, everyone loves a superhero and I'm no exception. It may be dramatic and somewhat convenient but its also creative and enthralling. It just works.

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