Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My Leading Lady

Catherine Willows/Marg Helgenberger

I can say with out a doubt Catherine Willows was my first girl crush and still remains one of my ultimate favourites. From the first time I saw her in CSI I knew I was in love. In fact I can remember the exact episode; Unfriendly Skies. She was sat with her feet on a desk telling Grissom she'd basically had enough. She made me smile, her attitude was great and suited her down to the ground. I think that's one of the things which I find so appealing about her, aside form the obvious fact that she's drop dead gorgeous, she's strong and independent. She knows who she is and isn't ashamed of her past. Which lets face it the fact that she's an ex-exotic dancer only make her more appealing. In fact I think a petition should be started which requires her to demonstrate these skill on the show, just an idea. I was thankful to the producers when they came to realise what potential Catherine had and began to put her more upfront with better storyline and, as shallow of me as it is, better outfits. She swapped the suits for skirts and I'm almost certain her tops got tighter, all of which I personally found very satisfactory. When you watch her you know she won't take any crap from anyone, especially when it comes to her family. When it comes to protecting Lindsey she can be down right fierce, which is still hot. That's not to say she doesn't have her vulnerable moments as we've all witnessed, its in these moments that you just want to hug her.

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