Monday, 1 November 2010

My Weekly Addiction

CSI: Las Vegas

CSI is one of the originals for me, and what I mean by that is it was one of the first TV shows that got me hooked. In fact I think it was one of the first three. So its safe to say it has a special place in my heart. When it first arrived on our screen it was a completely new and fresh concept, with an insight into a whole new world. Admittedly that has changed now with forensics been a dominant theme in many shows, however CSI has remained strong and is still considered the original and the best to most people. I was only a small child when the show first started so unfortunately I didn't follow it from its conception, instead I became a DVD junkie, catching up on all that I had missed. But once i started I couldn't stop. There was something about the science involved that fascinated me, I'd always loved crime shows but this was so different. I also quickly came to adore the characters; especially Catherine but I'm saving that for another post. It was so great to see a cast that gels so well, you can see the genuine compassion and friendship these people share. Of course I was gutted when the original team began to thin out, so to speak. First Sara, then Warrick shortly followed by Grissom. I must admit its not the same without the whole gang but its still ticks the right boxes for me. While I may be a fan of all 3 CSI shows Las Vegas is without a doubt my favourite, maybe its because it was here first. I don't know but I think part of it is down to the fact that it seems more realistic in a bizarre way, I meant the Vegas team have no problem diving through dumpsters or sifting through a human stew, their willing to get down and dirty. It is without a doubt the best of the rest and one of my personal favourites.

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