Monday, 6 September 2010

Men and Alcohol

Never a Good Combination

Unfortunately circumstances beyond my control, namely the economy and an irritating need of money to survive, have resulted in me working as a barmaid at the local pub. Don't get me wrong I admire barmaids and its a decent job, for people who aren't me. I simply don't have the personality for it. But getting to the point one of the observations I have come to make during my recent shifts is that men rarely improve with the consumption of alcohol. To be fair though men aren't exactly appealing to me at the best of times, basically never. With a few exceptions, in a strictly platonic sense, although they are usually gay anyway (you know who you are). So during my usual people watching session tonight I came across a group of males, consisting of both young and "mature" i use the term loosely. Out of all these males none of them failed to hit on me. Which fair enough I work behind a bar so I'm used to putting up with a certain degree of flirting and tasteless comments. But tonight one male in particular was persistent. I found him stood behind the bar patting his thighs and jutting his pelvis towards me. As if that was going to help him get in my pants. Apparently my earlier threat to put my stiletto through a certain part of his anatomy was not clear enough. So I tried again; simply stating that he shouldn't do that because he hasn't got anything I want. This finally seemed to do the trick. So I'm curious, why does alcohol make men think they are invincible and irresistible?

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