Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Leading Lady

Lorelai Gilmore/Lauren Graham

I'm fairly certain that their isn't a person in the world who can say they don't like Lorelai, for the simple fact that she is so lovable. Her sweet nature and sharp sarcasm can win over even the most cynical of people. Lets face it she the kinda Mom we all wish we had. The way she chose to raise her daughter so that she could be an individual rather than sticking with her rich parents who would easily turn her into another step-ford drone. Don't get me wrong I love Rory but occasionally she gets on my nerves which is why Lorelai takes the prize. I should also point out that even though Emily is a whole new level of infuriating a part of me can't help but love her, especially as the show progresses. But anyway back to the lovely Lorelai, I gotta say she damn fine too. The complete package, and you also have the added bonus of knowing that where ever she is, coffee is never far behind.

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