Monday, 6 September 2010

My Weekly Addiction

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Now a while ago a friend of mine introduced me to the wonder that is Star Trek, it started with the latest movie, then she lent me Enterprise, followed by Voyager. Then this week she lent me the first season of Next Gen. I quickly found that this one is just as addictive as the rest. Now I'm sat twiddling my thumbs trying to resist spending my money on the rest of the seasons. I couldn't help but become fascinated with the ins and outs of each crew members personality, it seemed bizarre at first for the captain to appear so disconnected from the rest of the crew, but you quickly realise that he's merely connected in a different Jean-Luc kinda way. I also found it interesting to see a Star Trek that included families on board the ship and to have one of the children as a regular character was a great new angle. I must admit I also enjoy the quality that this show has, as it was made before our huge advancements in special effects the show focused much more on the characters and less flashy dramas which give it more depth than many of today's shows. Another highlight of the show is that we get to see several strong leading women throughout, which lets face it is what we really want.

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