Saturday, 28 August 2010

Road Rage


In the past week in the city close to where I live there have been two incidents that have involved lorries tipping over. Tragically one involved a cyclist who lost her life. As a result of this the papers continue to run stories revolving around them, most recently they involve a public outcry for better safety regarding the roads and trucks. However what they have failed to mention is that in the case of the most recent accident there is CCTV footage clearly showing that it was in fact the fault of a car which cut of the lorry and caused it to tip. This is a regular occurrence, its always seem that the blame is laid at the lorries feet. Don't get me wrong I know it sometimes is down to them, but more often than not is the fault of another vehicle. Its not only lorries that get the blame for accidents, motorbikes also regularly face prejudice. But why do these kind of vehicles have such a stigma attached to them. For some reason I am not aware the majority of the pubic despise these relatively innocent modes of transport, that is unless your a biker or trucker. Motorbikes and lorries are no worse than cars and vans, so why are the constantly singled out. I personally think that rather than hating the bikes and lorries we should focus our attention on the real devils of the road, push-bikes. Without a doubt I see more close calls on the road due to push-bikes than any other vehicle. Most of them seem completely oblivious to the fact that they are on the road with much bigger chunks of metal that could easily crush them and seem to fell the need to constantly cut off cars and cycle down the middle of the road. Not to mention the fact that I'm sure more road rage is caused by cyclists than anything else. To be honest I don't understand why the law states that they must ride on roads. Surely they're more risk to drivers than to pedestrians. So I say we need to refocus our dislike towards push-bikes and leave the bikers and truckers alone.

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