Friday, 13 August 2010


As the day draws to an end and we bid farewell to yet another Friday the 13th I've decided to reflect on life and superstition. Now I'm not a great believer in superstition, in fact I'd even go so far to say that I have a tendency to rebel against it. If there's a ladder I'm damn well gonna walk under it. Do I think that this is to blame for all the bad stuff that happens in my life, hell no! Don't get me wrong I believe in fate and karma but most superstition just doesn't fly with me, I certainly don't think that just because its Friday the 13th bad things are going to happen. However I do make a couple of slight exceptions when it comes to the unexplainable, I do believe in the power of the magpies and that deaths come in 3's but that just in my experience. So from now on I encourage you to be brave and not freak out when you break a mirror or spill the salt. One thing I've learnt from life is that shit happens regardless of what direction the black cat walks. So deal with it.

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