Sunday, 24 October 2010


A Right, Not A Privilege

After overcoming several obstacles I finally managed to get to a cinema to see the much anticipated Made In Dagenham. I've got to say I certainly was impressed. This film managed to handle every aspect well, resulting in a successful and respectful film. It was great to have a film that had such strong feminist themes without coming across as simply man hating film. It got across an important message while managing to keep a sense of humour. It showed a great moment in the history of women, and conveyed the passion of several strong and admirable women. What's sad is that even now despite all that these women and thousands of others have fought for women are still not considered as equal to men. Were getting there but there still a long way to go. I think its great that we have a film like this to remind us of what has and still needs to be achieved.

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