Monday, 18 October 2010

My Weekly Addiction

Star Trek: Voyager

Voyager was my first Star Trek love. I have a friend who is a Star Trek buff and after a great deal of persuasion she convinced me to give star trek a chance, well that was is I was hooked. Gotta say I'm thankful for her persistence, I should have trusted her in the first place after all she's responsible for a pretty high percentage of my TV addictions. Any-who I managed to watch the first season in just over a day and haven't looked back since. One of Voyager's greatest attributes has got to be it's strong female leads, having a female captain like Janeway definitely goes in its favour. Unlike most of my friends I view everything as a separate entity, I don't compare the books to the films, similarly I don't compare one star trek to another. However that's not to say I don't have a favourite because I do and it is inevitable that it would be anything but Voyager. I cant explain why, but I can tell you that with a cast with such great chemistry and unique setting, as far as I know there isn't another show that focuses entirely on a crew lost in space. Whatever its is it works with gusto.

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