Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Leading Lady

Katherine Mayfair/Dana Delany

Before I begin i think we should all take a minute to admire the photo... right all done? I know she's not one of the original ladies of the lane, but in my opinion she was the best. Within the first hour of her arriving on the lane she had become my new favourite. I like everything about her. from her spunky attitude to her hair... god that hair. Further proof of my red-head addiction. As she became more established she became interwoven in the usual drama. At first I didn't like the direction her character was going when she fell into the grasps of insanity but eventually i came to accepted it. Then the writer redeemed and excelled themselves all in one fell swoop. They introduced Robin, the stripper. When I first heard of Katherine's gayness I struggled to see how they would make it work without it seeming like a cheap stunts rating. Nothing annoys me than when shows play the gay card just because they think it'll attract the "cool" crowd. But I must admit I thought DH managed to do it with their own flair and it worked for me. Of course I'm not that hard to please and I was never really going to disapprove of the pairing, I mean who in their right mind would. Then they have to go and spoil it by sending them of god knows where, with no sign of return. I know that it was down to Dana that she choose too leave but even so couldn't she have stayed for a bit longer. At least i can take comfort in the fact that they left together and the writers didn't just pass it off as a lesbian phase. For that I am thankful.

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