Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Leading Lady

Captain Kathryn Janeway/Kate Mulgrew

It appears I have a particular type when it comes to women; fiery redheads, and Janeways definitely no exception. That's not to say I'm exclusive but there's a clear pattern when it comes to my tastes. There's something about a girl with a gun that makes me swoon, I can't explain it but I'm not complaining. I remember one episode of voyager in particular where Janeway must stand alone against some form of macro virus. In it she has one big-ass gun, I gotta say she looked formidable if not sweaty, that teamed with the tank top she was wearing... well lets just say it was a good combination. She's the dame in charge and everyone knows it not to mention respects it. Maybe that's my attraction, the power she possesses. Then again it could be that killer smile she has.

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